12 Jul

If you have read anything about online marketing and have made any sales calls then it is likely that you have been subjected to the dreaded social media bio link. It is so important that you are aware of the potential pitfalls of this particular feature of your website. There is an infinite number of variations on the theme of the social media bio link and the way it is used. With this in mind you must be careful with the wording you use in order to avoid creating any of the following problems: No matter how great a landing page is if there is no social media bio link available for readers to see what it is about you could find yourself fighting a losing battle. There are a couple of potential problems that arise when using a no bios format for your site. The first is that it leaves your site looking empty. When readers are seeking information and all they are seeing is a blank slate they can quickly get confused. The second potential problem is that it will leave your reader with no idea of where to go or how to proceed with their query. So the key here is to make sure that there is a way for your readers to get the answer to their question or inquiry without leaving your site. One easy way to avoid having these two problems occur is to make sure that you have a social media bio link that is active. This means that you should have one or more descriptive paragraphs on your page that will lead a reader into your site. You also want to make sure that there is a call to action inserted into the paragraph that directs them towards your landing page. These two things are very important to consider and if you do not take care of them you may find that your traffic numbers drop off dramatically. Another thing that many social media sites do is allow their members to create links back to their site. If you have a profile that has multiple links it can often times be tempting to just let the links go to your homepage. Although this does work, it can also leave a person wondering how many social media links you have on your page. Just make sure that you have an active social media bio link on every page of your site. Look for more facts about marketing at http://edition.cnn.com/2015/10/21/opinions/potarazu-kids-social-media/. Now lets look at some ways in which you can use your social media links to build links to your site. Perhaps the best way to use multiple social media links is to use a "click here" link on a page that a visitor comes to after reading your bio and clicking through to your landing page. If you include enough descriptive words in your description for people to find your landing page, it will be very easy to get people to click on the link. In fact, if you include "click here" in your URL it will make it nearly impossible for anyone to see your landing page if they do not already know where they can go. In fact if you get creative with the description even those that do not know where they can go will find it easy to find your landing page through your "click here" social media links. Another great way to use multiple social media links is to create as many rules as you can for each one of your profiles. You can create many urls using Open Office to open up several spreadsheets in one window. This is the best way to create as many social media links as possible. Each individual profile could have their own separate space to put their link. This way you have links from many social media sites spread throughout your entire site.

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